I still can remember that evening when few students of American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) were gathered together with few teachers to share their ideas. On that evening everyone was thinking about solving world toughest problems and joining Imagine Cup 2011 including me. That was the day I first heard about the idea of “Third Eye”.

Solving world toughest problems using technology is the concept of Imagine Cup where students are allowed to develop software to solve one or more specific problems and compete with others. Imagine Cup is not only about competition, it’s about doing something greater good for humans.

Avishek Ahmed is the person who came up with an idea which will help vision impaired people in many ways. The basic idea was to help or assist vision impaired people to go from one place to another with the help of Windows Phone 7. And the name of this software is “Third Eye”.

Another idea was given by Sk. Tajbir called “Nose OP” which will help disable people to operate computer using his/her nose. The software will detect the nose of the user using it’s webcam and then move the cursor as user move his/her nose. With a big O it will detect as a double click and a beautiful smile will make a single click.

That night was full of excitements, innovations, ideas and technologies. That was the day when we first form our team as “Team Rapture” with Niaz Morshed (Mentor), Avishek Ahmed (Lead Programmer), Mustakim Ali (Programmer) and Sahidul Islam (Programmer). Another team was formed called “C.A.D” with Tanvir Ahmed (Mentor), Sk. Tajbir Boney (Lead Programmer), Pulak Maksud Saifullah (Programmer) and Tanveer Ashrafur Rahman (Programmer).

This creative and wonderful session was organized by Niaz Morshed (Instructor of AIUB CEC), Avishek Ahmed (Faculty of AIUB) and Tanvir Ahemd (Faculty of AIUB).